Info / 关于

Hi! I’m Lyli Feng an illustrator, designer and maker, currently based in Sussex UK. I did my MA Sequential Design/Illustration at University of Brighton. My greatest joy is to tell stories through images. I use watercolour and paper cut-outs to create poetic and geometric illustrations.

I love designing & making illustrations into wearable items, e.g. earrings, brooches etc… Currently I am working on my own independent brand ‘Mori Tori’, to develop a channel in order to bring my work in front of more people, all items could be made to order.

Contact / 联系

If you would love to collaborate or have any enquiries/suggestions, feel free to send an email at

See more about me on Instagram.

Feel free to also follow Mori Tori on Instagram for a little bit of tidbits behind the scene. See you there!

It’s an exciting and dangerous world! Please report any infringement to Lyli at

Cheers! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧


13 Jul 2019, The House of Illustration Summer Fair, Central St Martins building, London

07 Jun 2019, 8th East London Comics & Arts Festival 2019, London

08 Dec 2018, The House of Illustration Winter Fair, Central St Martins building, London

03-04 Nov 2018, Brighton Illustration Festival 2018, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

18th-21st October 2018 Study UK Showcase 2018, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai

16th-25th October 2018 R. K. Burts Gallery - Group Exhibition, London

15th-21st September 2018 MA 2018, Grand Parade Northern Gallery, Brighton


2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Top Talent - Illustration - The Moonlight Band

3x3 Illustration Annual No.16 - Merit - The Moonlight Band

Royal Academy of Arts - 251st Summer Exhibition - Shortlist - Nostalgia for the sunrise of hometown

The Communication Arts Illustration Competition 2019 (Shortlist) - Nostalgia for the sunrise of hometown

6th Hiii illustration 2018 Second Round - Mind Diving

The Spectrum 26 ( One of the year's best ) - The Moonlight Band